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The Most Significant Merger in History

Jun 052016

Today we will be discussing the plausibility and possibility of one day becoming one with technology. Recently Engadget posted an article titled "Living circuits can handle complex computing". What does this mean? How could it affect you? What if you have living bots, cells or nanobots flowing through your blood stream detecting health issues, alert you when you need rest and emit a signal to alert the closet food store or restaurant of your need? There are endless of possibilities of what this technology could bring. Read more at Endgaget, we will further discuss this topic as more develops.


"Gene-based circuits are about to get decidedly more sophisticated. MIT scientists have developed a method for integrating both analog and digital computing into those circuits, turning living cells into complex computers. The centerpiece is a threshold sensor whose gene expression flips DNA, converting analog chemical data into binary output -- basically, complex data can trigger simple responses that match the language of regular computers."

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2016/06/05/gene-circuits-with-analog-and-digital-computing/?sr_source=spencerfirmllc

AI, Robots and More

May 262016

How do you feel about robots replacing you at your work place? Is this what we humans have to look forward to?


Foxconn, the massive electronics manufacturer that supplies Apple and Samsung, has reportedly replaced 60,000 employees with robots at one of its factories in China. The move is bad news both for those who lost their jobs and all the rest of us who fear the robot takeover.

Source: http://www.vocativ.com/322679/60000-chinese-factory-workers-replaced-by-robots/

Breakthrough Technology: Real-Time Voice Translation

May 182016

In an ever changing world bridging the gap between languages and cultures, is always a great step towards the future. This morning Waverly Labs took the internet by storm by announcing the pre-sale to new technology that will change the world! Real-Time voice translation.

The next time you think about traveling to Spain, France, Russia or China, no longer be afraid due to the language barrier, this device translates real-time voice on the fly. Imagine being able to communicate with an array of languages within your work place, or even your community.


Their site(www.waverlylabs.com) is currently down due to the overwhelming response so visit our link below:

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Success and Happiness by Vanessa Cole

Apr 242016

Vanessa Network

We get the opportunity to work with a wide variety of entrepreneurs, real estate moguls and business executives across the world. One of our more recent clients Vanessa Cole of the Vanessa Network has been vigorously making major steps real estate and in promoting success and a happiness with the use of technology and innovation.

undefinedWith collaborations with Spencer & Associates the technology in the pipeline to assist in her efforts to bring solutions to the daily challenges of an every day life will be sure to please. Her success not only comes from her happiness but the happiness of those who achieve happiness as well on their own accord.

Her story will bring you closer to the core reason on why she is adamant about helping others and inspire others to achieve excellence as well. The Vanessa Network will be a dominating factor in 2016 - 2017 year of enlightenment. We are truly excited about the development we were able infuse into her growing processes. We will have more updates as things develop.


This will be a valuable resource for those striving for success, wealth and happiness www.vanessanetwork.com developed and powered by Spencer & Associates



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