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Apr 232016

Infusing Technology

Spencer & Associates had a pleasure working with TruHundred Productions on the innovative technology infused in to there newly released production that preludes with references to the late Michael Jackson, for one of their premiere artist (@AmBruce). TruHundred is one surely one of the first pioneers to infuse technology that sends money instantly as a reward for interactition from their consumers. (Easter Egg: watch the video very closely and seek out the QR code, win bitcoins...that simple). undefined

In addition to the technology Spencer & Associates infused into the video, TruHundred also partnered with Reveel to allow shopping while watching the video.

These bold creative moves in the music industry made by TruHundred surely will land them among some of the unforgettable pioneers of taking music beyond the sound but bringing life of the art to bring the excitement back to productions all around.

This is only the beginning of what's to come from a TruHundred Productions & Spencer & Associates collaboration. Make sure you follow TruHundred on their social media.

twitter: http://twitter.com/truhundred
facebook: http://facebook.com/truhundredproductions
instagram: http://instagram.com/truhundred


Use the TruHundred Decoder App to Scan the QR Code when you find it in the video Below:



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