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Spencer & Associates acquires Mixer Creative

Sep 022016

After much discussion and negotiation the acquisition between Spencer & Associates and Mixer Creative has now concluded. As of August 29th 2016, we are excited to announce that Spencer & Associates has acquired a large sector of Mixer Creative. This expands Spencer & Associates technology consulting services to the North Eastern Region of the United States of America. With this expansion Spencer & Associates plan is to continue providing excellent technology development and support to the existing clients as well as introducing new technology growth opportunities through the introduction of the newly acquired clients.

"We are quite grateful here at Spencer and Associates, being a private elite Technology Consulting Firm, we do not acquire business with any and everyone simply because money is involved, we have an in-depth conversation regarding how we could work together to enhance one another."

~Kelvin Spencer



Also with this expansion, clients will now be able to utilize the Spencer and Associates portal there they will be able to find new packages to consolidate their services, have access to a larger support staff and find other information regarding the acquisition.
For more information please contact PR at Spencerfirmllc.com or our offices at 855.806.7809.


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