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Apr 272016


One of our clients (@BorrowAPC) are preparing a major release that will change the world. The service is so innovative it will change the way you use the computer. Imagine running out of hard drive space? No longer will you need to purchase a hard drive transfer all of your data and pay your local computer store to upgrade your computer. How about running out of ram? Not sure what ram is? Well it's the stuff that helps your computer think fast.

With Borrow A PC to upgrade these things all you have to do is press a button to increase your space and memory.

No Software Install Required!

Standard Rates: $0.25/hr

Special Rates:
(Limited: Special Offer via tilt https://www.tilt.com/tilts/borrow-a-pc-account-funds)

Borrow A PC's goal is to ultimately seamlessly marry all devices in to one interface. PC no longer stands for "Personal Computer", it now stands for "Personal Cloud".

Imagine being on vacation and you forget your laptop charger at home, or even meeting up with friends to do home work in the library or local coffee pub. Well now you can use your "Personal Cloud" with all the same files as you would on your own computer from a friends computer, your phone, your tablet or other web connected device. Well cloud storage exists right? Well what about saved passwords you can't remember, two step verification on an unknown device, why run in to all of these hassles when you can just log in to your Personal Cloud with Borrow A PC that is already authenticated and more secure than using a friend or public device.

More Secure
Don't you hate when you just have to use public computers and worry about your information being stored in cookies? Well worry no more connect to your personal cloud from anywhere internet is available. Access your Bank account and email without worry if your data is being intercepted, your "Personal Cloud" is on a completely different network!*

100x Faster than your home Internet Speeds
Let's take things to another level, how about having download and upload speeds of up to 1GB/sec! No additional charge from your internet provider!

Pre-Installed Software
Don't you hate having to download or pay pricey cost for the latest software then wait to install them...blah blah blah blah? Well now get the latest software based on your field of study or job.*
Thank you in advance for all of your support.

*Premium cost after trial, and additional setup may be required once your Personal Cloud is ready.




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