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The Most Significant Merger in History

Jun 052016

Today we will be discussing the plausibility and possibility of one day becoming one with technology. Recently Engadget posted an article titled "Living circuits can handle complex computing". What does this mean? How could it affect you? What if you have living bots, cells or nanobots flowing through your blood stream detecting health issues, alert you when you need rest and emit a signal to alert the closet food store or restaurant of your need? There are endless of possibilities of what this technology could bring. Read more at Endgaget, we will further discuss this topic as more develops.


"Gene-based circuits are about to get decidedly more sophisticated. MIT scientists have developed a method for integrating both analog and digital computing into those circuits, turning living cells into complex computers. The centerpiece is a threshold sensor whose gene expression flips DNA, converting analog chemical data into binary output -- basically, complex data can trigger simple responses that match the language of regular computers."

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2016/06/05/gene-circuits-with-analog-and-digital-computing/?sr_source=spencerfirmllc


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